Reading Challenge 2012!!!

Last year my now EXcoworker and I challenged one another to read 52 books by dec. 3hp1…in other words a book a week. But after completing this so called challenge we realized 52 books is less than what we typically read. So I decided it was time to spice things up. Neglecting the obvious beyond hectic schedule I have with working full time and going to school, I suggested we read 104 books in the year 2012(2 books a week!) No repeats, meaning the book can only be counted once a year. I’m very excited to get reading I have stacks upon stacks of books that I’m receiving from friends. I figure the best way to ensure I stay onto of my reading is to keep track via blog. So we will see how that goes. My goal is to read a book a day in January, with that being my ‘break’ time. Giving me plenty of cushion room for when school starts back up. So Amanda I hope your ready! Because the journey is about to begin! Btw how will we swap books this go around?!?! Lame! Your too far away.

For anyone wanting to join in on the challenge here are the rules:
*starting 1-1-12 through12-31-12 read a grand total of 104 books
*books can be reread but may only be counted one time
*no cheats(green eggs and ham so does not count!)(read age appropriateish books(I will be reading Peter pan))
*the Bible CAN count (I read The Story last year…as long as it is read from start to finish like any other book it counts)
*books for class also may count(obviously not a math text book, but if one reads Shakespeare obviously that counts)
*HAVE FUN this is not about a contest(well for us it gets that way lol) it’s a way to ensure we feed our minds:)
*it’s about quality not quantity…see no cheats above though when your mind becomes word soup and you just can’t take another book that is when you pull out Peter pan, Harry potter, the jungle book, etc to ease the mind with fun back into the read till you burst mode.
Now it’s time to enjoy hot chocolate, and a bubble bath, in a few short weeks I will have books to join me!

Book List
1. Stolen innocence
2. Abuse
3. Replacement Child
4. The new orphan
5. The broken
6. Dark secrets
7. The upstairs room
8. The help
9. The hunger games
10. Catching fire
11. Mocking jay
12. As good as she imagined
13. The four loves
14. Till we have faces
15. The doll house
16. Flight To Heaven
17. The Vow
18. 23 Minutes In Hell
19. Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man
20. The Kite Runner
21. The day Satan Called
22. 90 minutes in heaven
23. The Resolution for Women
24. My glimpse of Eternity
25. First things first
26. I still believe
27. Raising the dead
28. An unquiet mind
29. Loving
30. A very special delivery
31. Something borrowed
32. Lying on sundays
33. Peterpan
34. We bought a zoo riding hood
36. Crazy love
37.covenant child
38. I beat the odds
39. Trust me
40. Love me
41. Gift of Snow
43. Desperate ransom
44.coming home
45.private justice
46.shadow of doubt
47.word of honor
48.trial by fire
49.line of duty
50.never again goodbye
51.when dreams cross
53.vicious cycle
55.the rising
56.the rapture
57.deceivers game
58.evils edge
59.edge of the apocalypse
60.thunder of heaven
61.becoming a woman who loves
62.that’s why im here
63. Light from lucas
64. Be a circle maker
65.true story behind the poem
66. A day with the perfect stranger
67. Never Let You Go
68. A treasury of adoption miracles
69.morning sickness 24/7
70.end of the spear
71. Is jesus the only way?
72.return from heaven
73.don’t bet against me
74. The great divorce
75. Mirror mirror
76. Love has a face
77. Heaven
78. Gone with the wind
79. Hidden
80. Wanted
81. The ultimate gift
82. The ultimate life
83. The ultimate journey
84. Larkspur Cove
85. Insight
86. Promises to keep
87.sushi for one
88.only uni
89.why I stayed
90.when invisible children sing
91. Every good and perfect gift
92. To heaven and back
93. Unsinkable
94. January First
95.Becoming Sister Wives
96.A Love That Multiplies
97.fifty shades of grey(kinkiness aside great story)
98. Fifty shades darker
99. Fifty shades freed
100. The marriage agreement
101. Bared to You
102.the water children
103.the guardian
104.the color of rain
105: unwritten
106: the cold kiss
107:true believer
108:peanut butter friends in a chop
109: September 11: an oral history
110: Safe Haven
111: The boy who fell out of the sky
112: October Baby
113: The hidden life of Otto Frank
114: we the people
115: reinhold Niebuhr on politics, religion, and Christian faith
116: polyester people
117: conspiracy of silence
118: the bridge
119: shattered dreams
120: where the heart is
121: perks of being a wall flower
122: pitch perfect
123: the best of me
124: the lucky one
125: touched by angels

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